how to write a college essay

how to write a college essay

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how to write a college essay
how to write a college essay

Step One for how write a essay for college

(Understand The Paper’s Requirements) Make sure you read and understand the question and paper requirements carefully. This is perhaps the most important step. If you have not understood it, ask questions to be clear,

use dictionaries to search for difficult words and in the end be very certain that you have all you should to write a college essay. Of course, if you have any difficulty in any of steps we will be willing to help, including for the whole paper.

Step Two for how to write a essay (Collect information)

After you are certain that you’ve understood the question very well and asked your teacher as many questions as possible regarding the paper, you can now start doing your research. For your research you can focus on web resources, books, journals, peer reviews, articles in periodicals among

others depending on the type of term paper. Make sure you have as wide information about the topic as possible. This is important as it will ensure you do not repeat yourself as you write. Note down all the information you have discovered about the topic on a piece of paper.

Make sure that the ideas are easily flowing from one point to another. E.g the conclusion should not come before you give a literature review. A literature review is where you provide other people’s published opinions on the subject/topic.

Step Three how to write college essay

(Develop a Thesis Statement)
A thesis statement is where you take a stand in regards to the topic under discussion. You choose to agree or disagree with the topic or previous authors in this topic. One should be very careful while writing a thesis statement as it will set the tone for the whole paper.

The thesis statement will guide how you write your entire term paper. Therefore, be sure have taken a position that is easy to defend and makes most sense to you, that way you will not quickly run out of ideas at the analysis stage.

Step Four for college essay (Make notes of your personal thoughts)

In this step, you make note regarding you personal thoughts about topic, Brainstorm as much as you can to ensure you have as many points as possible to defend you position. The main reason for jotting down you major points is so that when one you are writing, you avoid repetitions of the same points over and over again. Repetitions often annoy most markers and this is one thing you want to avoid at all cost.

Step Five (Write The Introduction)

This is going to be your first point of interaction with the reader regarding the subject. At this stage the reader will have a general idea of how well you understand topic and your personal opinions of the same as well. So, as you write your introduction make sure you open the discussion and give your personal opinion of it (Thesis Statement).

Show the reader how you are going to approach the research question if any or proof your thesis statement. Is there a methodology you will employ? is this methodology the most appropriate and such like justifications. Make sure the reader is as engaged as possible to the discussion.

Step Six (Main Body)

This is now your chance to prove your point. The reader should not be left in doubt about you understanding of the topic. Give the reader enough information as much as you have following a chronological order. It is advisable that each and every point should be in its own paragraph but should be flawless and related to previous topic.

Use phrases or words at the start of each paragraph that will indicate to the reader how it relates to the previous paragraph, e.g, ‘however’, ‘nevertheless’, ‘in addition’, ‘moreover’. As you make claims in the body, do not forget to provide supporting evidence to the claim. Also, use proper in text citation while referencing your work, be sure to proper.

Step Seven (Write Conclusion)

Having done your body, now you need to conclude. Here you demonstrate to the reader how you have proven the thesis statement. This is the most important part of the conclusion. Finally, you can recommend areas that may need further research.

Step Eight (Edit/proofread your work)

Human is to err so this stage will ensure you have combed through your paper to remove any traces of mistake you might have made through your writing. Check for grammar mistakes, general flow of the paper, citation styles, spellings among others.

Step Nine (Write the Soft Copy)

This is now where you add you list of references and ensure the structure follows the guidelines provided to you by your teacher. Check for different paper formats online or inquire from your teacher. Add footnote if necessary.

Step 10 (Submit on time)

Avoid being penalized, ensure you submit you paper on time.


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